Sex workers’ Rights: Human Rights?

Sex workers all over the world are an extremely marginalized group of people, so no one would be surprised to learn that they face beatings or harassment, or that they are often denied access to housing services. An escort agency is a company that provides escorts, usually for sexual services, by arranging a meeting at the customer’s house, outcall or incall, but an escort may stay with the client on a holiday as well, if the fee is paid. Keep in mind that you always have the option to hire an escort for company, as they can be found in nearly every corner of the world, so you can talk to her about what you actually want or take her to an event. In most cases escorts go to events to keep the client company. If you are in Atlanta this days, you can check this Atlanta escort reviews


Amnesty International asks for a policy because sex workers are at high risk of abuses around the world and think that governments should do to better to protect them. Sex workers face violence and other forms of human rights violations, no matter if they’re female, male or transgender, and are among the populations that are being left behind in the HIV response, as its prevalence is 10 times higher than among the general population. A bronze statue in Amsterdam’s red-light district sits in front of the Oude Kerk, since March 2007, with the inscription “Respect sex workers all over the world”, as the term encompasses a variety of aims by individuals and organizations.


Selling sex is partially or fully criminalized in many more countries, and in other countries general criminal law is applied with laws against loitering, so the threat of detention are serious barriers to the uptake of HIV prevention services. Amnesty advocates for “prostitution as a human right”, because they believe they have a responsibility to assess how best to prevent human rights violations by looking at one of the most disadvantaged groups of people, often forced to live outside the law: sex workers. Sex workers are at risk of abuses including violence, extortion, detention, harassment, exclusion, forced HIV testing, and there are many instances registered where police and other members of the general public inflicted abuses.


The term sex work refers primarily to prostitution, phone sex operators, dancers in strip clubs, but some extend the use of the term to include managers, videographers and others. The evidence of sex workers proves that criminalization makes them less safe, including a wide array of individuals such as survivor groups, women’s rights activists or anti-trafficking groups. Governments should protect and fulfill the rights of sex workers by protecting them from exploitation, ensuring they can participate in the development of policies, guaranteeing access to health and employment, as well as the decriminalization of sex work as it makes sex workers less safe, by providing impunity to abusers.


Most sex workers do not wish to be branded as criminals and since the use of red umbrellas by sex workers in Venice in 2001, a red umbrella has become their internationally recognized symbol.

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