Cannabis and other drugs: Legal Framework

Cannabis is the most commonly cultivated and abused drug worldwide, as its consumption has an annual prevalence rate of 147 million individuals and in 2014, approximately 22.2 million Americans 12 or older reported cannabis use.

Differences between Federal and State Laws

There are different types of laws and Federal laws apply to everyone in the United States, in every state, while the others apply to people who live in a particular state, territory, city, town or village.

Sex workers’ Rights: Human Rights?

Sex workers all over the world are an extremely marginalized group of people, so no one would be surprised to learn that they face beatings or harassment, or that they are often denied access to housing services. An escort agency is a company that provides escorts, usually for sexual services, by arranging a meeting at […]

Prostitution Policies in the United States

Prostitution is sometimes called the “world’s oldest profession”, but definitions and laws vary among jurisdictions as a variety of different legal models exist around the world, including bans that only target the customers and laws that permit both prostitution and organizations.